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My FAVE part of every Gackt site is of course... the pics page ^_~ I mean what would a gackt site be without pics!?!?

Oregon Magazine ^_~ Gackt in a Bullfighters outfit mmmmmm

Every hot Singer has to have a pic of themself in a cowboy outfit!!

All I have to say is Indescribable yumminess!!

aaaaaaaah of course... the ever popular lounging pic ^_~

Yeah... so He's wearing a kimono and has his nails painted red... who cares?! he's still hot!!

One word comes to mind... YUMMY!

Um... *droooooooooooooool*

*desperatly wishes she were that finger* ^_~

*runs to get bucket and mop*

He is just so cool

So cute... So cudly!!!

*stares into the red light and watches as a Gackt slowly drifts down*

"I'm gonna get you!!"

hm...I wonder who he's reaching out to? ok... now sit back... and imagine him reaching out to you ^_~

So hot... Red hot in fact ^_~

1 word... TUMMY!!!!!!

Too yummy for words

again I say... *drooooool*

So...cool...*passes out*

mmmmmmmmmm see through shirt... *drools*

Ok... See through shirt AND leather pants?!? IS HE TRYING TO MAKE US ALL HAVE HEAT STROKES?!

From the old days in Malice Mizer... mmmmmmm Leather and Mesh

Gackt...Mana... and a cute guy with a rose ^_~

Hey look everyone!! *points* IT'S A HOTTIE ON A BRIDGE!

Again with the leather Gackt?? tsk tsk tsk...

mmmmm Leather and water... lol

HEY THAT LOOKS LIKE FUN!!! LETS ALL BITE CD's *grabs CD and sticks it in mouth*

Is it just me or does he seriously look \like someone of Fushigi yuugi?!?

Damn he looks good in tan...

*stares back at the image* ^_~ end of Gallery one ^_~