Screen Shots
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This is a good place to have images, pictures, s etc...
This is teh page where we take little screen shots from Malice Mizer/Gackt videos of all kinds... and after converting the images to Jpg WE PUT THEM HERE FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE!

Syunikiss Live Performance Vid ^^
This is just a little shot from the video where he tried to kiss one of the guys from KinKi Kids... THE GUY DIDN'T WANNA KISS POOR GACKT!
Wheeeee it's Gackt fallin off a horse thingie!!
From the Comercial with To Feel The Fire.
Au Revoir
Gackt from the Live Performance vid of Au Revoir.
I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF! I just took the best screen shot I think I ever have... lol
Vanilla Night
Hey I'm gettin pretty good at these screen shots! lol ^^
Vanilla Night 2
Check the screen shots 2 page for more screen shots and tell me what you think in the guestbook!